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Service Guideline 



A substantial collection of adapters for outlets/ plugs from various countries is  available at reception. 


Anti Allergic Encasings 

We take special pride in offering you an environment that is safe for people suffering from allergies. We use very mild detergents and all our matraces are wrapped in anti- mite encasings 

Please notify us prior to your arrival should you require any special services to alleviate allergies, such as rooms without carpets etc.. We do offer rooms with tiled floors 

 and can exchange feather duvets and pillows for anti-allergic fillings. 



Barbeques and equipment are available here shuold you feel like putting a steak on the grill in the eveningsweather permitting. The terrasse or our garden are ideal for your meal al-fresco. 


Beds for Babies / Small Children / Highchairs 

Baby beds and extra beds for your small child are available. Ask for special chairs or highchairs in the breakfeast-room. 



You’ll find a welcoming beverage  in your room at your arrival 

Beverages such as various types of beer, soda pops and mineral water etc. are in the ground floor refrigerator, glasses are at the bar. Please put the respective payment in the money-box. Refer back to reception should you feel like drinking wine, champage our other spirits. 



Our guests are welcome to use our various touring- and sports-bikes, bikes for children or such with a baby-seat are also available. There are dozens of beautiful biking trails in the area and we are happy to help you with any information you need,. Maps are at hand for biking and hiking. 

Please understand that there’s a charge of 4 Euros per day and 10 Euros per week for renting the bikes ever since we’ve  had several problems with the improper use of our  

fairly new bikes in 2012. 

Privately owned bikes can be deposited either in the bike stand behind the hotel or in the basement, should you want to be on the safe side. 




Extra warm and cuddly blankets are ready for your use, just check in your wardrobes. 


Breakfast Buffett 

The ‚AmmergauAlps – Breakfast’ is served for you in our Stube or the conservarory, hoping to give you a perfect start into one of our  perfect Ammergau days. Our extensive buffet offers high quality regional products, such as for exaple cheese from the cheese-dairy in Ettal. 

Breakfast hours: Monday through Friday 6.50 – 10.00 hours, Saturdays and Sundays from 8.00 to 10.00 hours 

Special food requirements or different breakfast hours in case of an early morning departure are no problem at all. 


CD Player 

There’s a CD Player in all our rooms. A high quality stereo equipment is at your service in the Grüne Stüberl. Please refer to ‚Entertainment’ for information on discs available. 


Charging Devices 

For some more popular types of smartrphones as well as for some notebooks there are charging devices available at reception. 



Not before 14.00 Hours! As you sign in you’ll receive your Kurkarte (ticket for special entrance fees, fee reductions etc.), on request a special code for the Internet , an Oberammergau map etc. Special plastic chipcards for the electronic door-opener are also available. 



Please leave your room until 11.00 hours at your departure. Should you need to make special arrangements please notify reception. You may leave your luggage at reception or in the ski room in the basement. 



There’s general information on church services in the Oberammergau and Ettal area 

 Availablae at reception 



Our fully automatic coffeemachine serves Espresso, Cafe Creme, Cappuccino, Cafe au Lait, Latte Macchiato and Hot Chocolate Specialties as well as hot water for Tea. Our personnel will introduce you to the machine on your first breakfast. Any breakfast beverages are , of course, free of charge. The machine is ‚on’ throughout the day, so you can help yourself to anything you choose, but then coffe is 1Euro, tea 0.50 Euro, which you are asked to put in the box by the coffemachine. 




Computer and the Internet 

You’ll find a PC with a DVD-burner ready for your use in the Grüne Stüberl, it also offers internet-access, USB-connections and all the essential standard programs together with a printer. Here you can get on the Internet at any time. 

On top of that we offer extensively secured WIRELESS LAN, connecting you with the internet not only in your rooms, but also on the terrace, in the sauna and in all other public rooms. There are several rooms which offer access to the internet via cable. The use of the PC is free of charge, as well as the access via WI-FI. Should there be any problems with the internet, we’ll be happy to help. 


Current News 

There’s an information board with current news items and information on current events etc. right by the reception, but ask us anyway about anything! 


Darts (see: Games) 



 Goodnatured, house trained dogs are welcome (Extra fee of 5 Euros per day). Plaease keep our other guests in mind, however, and put your doggie on a leash. We would also thank you for walking your dog in the woods close by to ‚do his thingand not stay  in or around our garden 



Should you have an electronic door opener it suffices to turn the inner switch on your door to signalize that you don’t want to be disturbed. In all other rooms you’ll find a card with the respective message to hang on your outer doorknob. 


Emergency / Medical Emergency 




Entertainment / Media 

For filmlovers there’s a TV/DVD player in the Grüne Stüberl, you’ll find a recorder/DVD player (huge 52’’ screen) in the Lounge in the breakfast room. Reception holds a wide variety of films for you. 

Music lovers will find stereos in the Grüne Stüberl as well as in all public rooms. Please refer back to reception for CDs of any kind of music and audio-books. 



The countryside of Oberammergau offers many spectacular sights and cultural attractions, which you can easily reach within walking distance or by bike as well as with public transport. Information is available in the entrance area, but we are also happy to provide personal advice. Time tables for all public transport can be got at receptionYou can travel back and forth to Linderhof, Garmisch and Neuschwanstein Castle free of charge with your Kurkarte. 


Fax Service 

Of course you can send and receive faxes. Please contact reception! 



There are various fitness tools in the basement, two cross-trainers and a bike as well as dumbbells. All this equipment shouldn’t prevent you from exploring the many trails in the vicinity, however, which are ideal for hiking and jogging. 



Fotocopies / Scanning 

In case you need to fotocopy or scan something urgently (black and white 7/in full color / DINA 4 )or DINA 3), please ask at reception. (DINA 4 black 0,20 Eure, color 0,50 Euro, DINA 3 depending on the content) 



Various board games, playing cards ans dices etc. are in the Grüne Stüberl. There’s a darts board in the basement, arrows can be borrowed at reception. Please accept that there is an age-level for playing with the darts because of the possibility of injuries.  You’ll also find table-football. Ask for balls or badminton gear fort he garden at reception. 



Feel free to relax in our orchard, take a sunbath on our lawn in one oft he sun-lounges or  

 have a quiet chat in the shade the pines on the deckchairs. Fancy a tete-a-tet on the  garden swing? 

There’s a playground for the children , complete with a slide and swings. 

Our garden is also the perfect place if you want to party or have a barbeque. 



House Robes 

Did you forget to bring your robe? No Problem, you can get an especially fluffy one for the sauna or just to relax at reception 

Terry slippers should be in your wardrobe. 


Internet /PC  

In case you didn’t bring your own PC you can use the one in the media-room. Then again, you are welcome to take a laptop (on request) to your room. (Daily fee für the Laptop 5 Euros) 


Ironing Board / Iron 

Both items can be had on request. Please ask at reception. 



Please remember to turn in your keys / chipcards  on your departure. 


Laundry Service 

There’s a laundry-bag in your wardrobe for your dirty laundry. Hand it in at reception and it will be cleaned and dried as well as ironed for you, should you request that. For further information, also on the return of your laundry, please contact reception. Fees for washing and drying (one whole lot in the washer/ dryer) are 8,50 Euros. 


Left and Found 

Please contact reception should you have lost or found anything. 



You’ll find books- be they entertainig or strictly informative, in German or in other languages- scattered all over our Hotel: In the Grüne Stüberl, in the library proper (basement), along the way there, at reception etc. In the Stüberl you should find books on all kinds of subject,s in English and French. Should you be interested in the Oberammergau Passion Play, you’ll find all you need to know. Further reading on any  given subject? – Talk to us, we’ll be happy to help. 




On request we carry your luggage up to your room – and back again, of course. Should you want to leave your luggage on arrival/ departure in a safe place, you can leave it at reception or lock it up in a special room in the basement. 


Magazines and Newspapers 

Magazines and daily newspapers can be found in the passage from the Stube to the conservarory. 



 You can send and receice personal mail at reception. Should you stay for a longer period of time, we can give you your own mailbox, situated to the right of the Stube entrance. 



You are staying at a Hotel Garni, which means that we don’t offer other meals than breakfast. In special situation, such as a very late arrival or extremely unpleasant wheather conditions, we do serve smaller meals, such as Goulash- soup, Pizzas or sandwiches with cheese or saussage. 

Feel free, however, to provide for yourself. If you wish to have a snack or dinner (which you brought along yourself), you’ll find glasses, china and cutlery in the breakfast room. You may also store food in the refrigerator on the ground floor. On special request, you can  even use the kitchen 


Messages via E-Mail or Fax 

Please inform us should somebody want to contact you via Email or Fax. Our E-Mail address is info(at)huber-otto.de, our fax number is: +49(0) 8822 922715 



There are free parking-places for cars and motorcycles. You’ll find 6 spots right by the garden at the main entrance, further spots are situated at the western side of the house. Should all of these be occupied, you may park along the street by the house. 

Use of parking space is at your own risk, damages will not be refunded. Please keep well within the marked spaces in order  to leave room for other guests. 



You may pay in cash, we do also take credit card (EC, Maestro, Visa) 


Personal Hygiene 

 Forgot items of personal hygiene, such as toothbrush, toothpaste, razor etc. or your bathrobe and slippers? Don’t worry, we’ve got what you need. The liquid soap in the bathrooms can be used as shampoo and bathing foam. 



Our rooms are provided with feather/ down pillows. Should you prefer one with another filling , i.e. an allergy safe one, then please notify us, we’re sure to have an alternative at the ready. The same goes for pillows of a different shape than the one in your room. Of course, there’s always also an extra pillow! 



Our reception is usually open from 7.00 – 21.00 Hours, you can reach us by phone from your room (dial 10). In the rare case that you cannot  reach us there, try 08822/ 92270 or 0170/ 2852119. Please be sure to take your house.key along  if you should be out for the evening or if you are planning to return very late. 



Apartments  have their own refrigerators. All other guests are free  to use the one on the ground floor right by the reception. On request, we can provide you with a mini-fridge for your room. Please do not use the refrigerator for beverages for storing your food. 



The wardrobes in your room contain a safe along with instructions. The safes are big enough to even receive your laptop for safe storage. On special request, you may also deposit  object of value in the main safe by the reception. 



Before your first visit to our sauna in the basement we’d like to give you a personal instruction for ist use. You’ll find a users plan on the sauna’s door, please fill in your name and the time of your intended visit to the sauna. 


Energy Saving  

As we’ve all grown more and more conscious about saving energy, we’d like to ask you to participate in our programs to save energy. It does make sense to turn off the light as you’re leaving your room, please remember to also close the windows. In order to prevent excess laundry, we’d ask you to give us a clear signal if you really do need new towels: Please just leave used towels on the floor. 


Sewing Kit 

No button stays on forever. I fit does come loose, there’s a small sewing-kit in your room. Should you be in need of more help, please contact reception. 


Shoe Cleaning 

There is a small cleaning-set in your wardrobe. You are welcome to use the electric shoe-cleaner below the stairs or to ask for a more substanstial cleaning kit. 


Short Comings 

Believe us, we do try to please our guests and make them as comfortable as possible, but we are only human and cannot prevent minor shortcomings or malfunctions. Please do contact us immediately should anything fall short of your expectations. We promise to be all ears and will, of course, do anything possible to alleviate your problems 



Please let us know should you require a stool for your shower. 


Shuttle Services 

Arrangements for a shuttle service to and from the post office or the train station are no problem, even if the station is only a 3minute walking distance. You can request a free service for your arrival and departure, just let us know well in advance, so we can arrange everything to your satisfaction. 


Ski Room 

Here your skis can be deposited in special stands, there is also a dryer available for your skiing boots, where they will be dried automatically and even pre-warmed for you. The same goes for your summer hiking boots. Helmets and other skiing equpiment can be deposited in the shelves. Should you want to put wax your skis, there is all the necessary equpiment there, but do be carefull about spillings on the floor. – You can reach the ski room from the outside via a stairwell, the electronic lock can be unlocked with your chipcard for your room. Come summer, you can deposit your bikes and other sports equipment in the room. 



All our rooms are strictly non-smoking. Please keep in mind the guests occupying the room after you , so don’t smoke in your room. Rooms with a balcony have ashtrays outside on the balcony. For all others who just love to light up, there are the terrasses and the balconies with public access. 



We keep stamps ready for you at reception 



As you check in, we can activate the telephone in your room so you can make any outside phonecalls you wish  You are able to receive incoming calls and calls within the house without activating the phone.. 

For calls within the house, just dial the roomnumber plus 10 (Example: room 3 plus 10, call 13) For incoming calls your numbers are: 

Room  1Tel. 08822/9227 11 

Room  2Tel. 08822/9227 12 

Room  3Tel. 08822/9227 13 

Room  4Tel. 08822/9227 14 

Room  5Tel. 08822/9227 28 (!) 

Room  6Tel. 08822/9227 16 

Room  7Tel. 08822/9227 17 

Room  8Tel. 08822/9227 18 

Room  9Tel. 08822/9227 19 

Room  10Tel. 08822/9227 20 

Room  11Tel. 08822/9227 21 

Room  12Tel. 08822/9227 22 

Room  14Tel. 08822/9227 24 

Room  15Tel. 08822/9227 25 

Room  16Tel. 08822/9227 26 

Room  17Tel. 08822/9227 27 


If you wish, your towels can be exchanged at any time. Should you want to go to the sauna, we can provide you with special towels. 



All our TVs are fitted with digital satellite receivers, which give you access to Astra and Eutelsat. Not only does this provide you with a huge selcetion of channels, including foreign language channels, it also makes it posisible to show all the channels if you press the Text/Menu button. 

Please feel free to ask us to guide you through the instructions. 



We’ve got quite a substantial collection of umbrellas of all sizes waiting for you in case of rain. Please ask at reception, should you want to borrow one or simply grab one from the umbrella stand by the backdoor as you are leaving the house. 



Should you want to make your relatives or friends happy and present them with a few days of relaxation in our hotel, you can buy decorative gift-vouchers at reception- 


Wake-Up Service 

There are several possibilties to be woken up on time. Use the radio-Cd- alarm clock in your room, for one. You might also activate the wake-up call of your telephone. Just dial 50, the voice in the telephone will walk you through the necessary steps. Last, but not least possibility: Tell us at reception, when you want to get up and  then rely on us!

Gästehaus Otto Huber
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